Get $ 25 when you refer friends to Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the e-commerce system for online payment convenience when buying or selling online. As with PayPal, the system also allows users to receive and send money via debit cards MasterCard International. This card is the perfect solution for online payment transactions with ease. This card can also use as a purchase voucher in or at an ATM. You can make transactions anywhere and anytime with a convenient and practical. In addition, through this card you can control expenses, knowing the nominal amount of your balance.

Through Payoneer MasterCard , you can enjoy all the existing facilities as well as credit cards in general. Where you can conduct transactions through ATM cash withdrawals (with the logo of MasterCard International), shop online, shopping at several merchants, to other transactions. This debit card is actually only be used in a few countries, including Indonesia, and not all countries can use Payoneer MasterCard's.

If you want to get the convenience of transacting online, then you can register yourself to make this card account by clicking the image below:


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